2014 Year in Review

2014 has been an amazing running year for me. Below are some highlights and stats for the year.


  • Marquette Trail 50 – First 50 mile race and one of my all time most memorable moments
  • Marathon PR at the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon
  • Ran injury free for the entire year


  • 1561 miles
    • Average of 130 miles a month / 30 miles a week
  • Total elevation gain of 21,486 ft
  • Number of runs: 206
  • Average distance: 7.58 miles

Monthly Mileage

Shoes Used

Merrell Road Gloves 2

Merrell Bare Access Ultra

Merrell Bare Access 3

Merrell Ascend Gloves

Plans for 2015

I’d like to improve upon my PR’s by adding more dedicated speed work into my training. The last few years I’ve been focusing on adding mileage but I haven’t done much speed work.  I’m going to start by training to run a fast road marathon, so this spring I’ll be focusing on the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in May,  I will also plan on running a summer 50k and a fall 50 miler, but haven’t decided which ones yet.